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Performance, cost savings, safe processes


The downstream oil and gas industry faces new challenges to cope with deteriorating operating margins. Refineries have to increasingly process changing crude oils and “opportunity” crude oils. This requires not only the deployment of new technologies, but also the management of problems related to the ageing infrastructure.

Whether there are plans to put new refineries into operation, modernize or upgrade an existing site or whether revamps are planned: Marmol Integrated's high-performance decanter centrifuges and disk-stack centrifuges were especially designed to meet the requirements and circumstances in various process setups in refineries. They handle continuous liquid-liquid-solids separation in a wide range of applications and capacities.

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Project Life Cycle Services 



- Commissioning 


-Drone Power Solutions 

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Biotechnology Solutions 

-Tank bottoms

-  Amine treatment

- Enzymes Solution 

-Crude Oil Desolation

- Vacuum Distillation


Sub-surface Utility Engineering Services

- Visible Surface Feature Survey

- Conflict Identification

- Utility Relocation Plan

- Utilities Locator Services & 

   Utility Marking

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