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Marmul Slope Stabilization Systems

Welcome to Marmul Integrated – Your Premier Partner for Comprehensive Geotechnical Solutions in Oman!

At Marmul Integrated, we are proud to be at the forefront of delivering unparalleled services in Mountain Slope Stabilization Systems, slope protection, and geotechnical solutions throughout Oman. From initial consultancy to cutting-edge design and efficient construction, we offer a holistic approach to ensure the resilience and sustainability of critical infrastructure.

Teico Overseas, a proud division of Marmul Integrated, stands as a distinguished leader in the specialized field of geotechnical works. Focused on addressing complex and challenging projects, Teico Overseas boasts a seasoned technical team comprising engineers and geologists. This adept team conducts in-depth analyses and stability calculations for rock masses, laying the foundation for the development of optimal protection systems.


Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions for Slope Stabilization Systems

Operating in a field that is both complex and delicate, nothing can be left to chance. Only highly qualified specialization and great care of human resources guarantee professionalism and safety. For this reason Teico Overseas has concentrated on the quality of its employees. Its staff is composed of expert rock climbers that have intricate knowledge of alpine techniques and always operate with the global standard safety systems.

Our highly specialized personnel can operate in abnormal work conditions. Thanks to the most advanced systems of perforation (manual drills and special hydraulic drills mounted on suspended platforms) they can execute perforations of elevated diameters and depths without the use of service structures. In general, as a precaution, debushing and detachment take place before the executive phases.

German Technology Expertise

Harnessing more than a decade of experience with proven German technology, we bring precision and reliability to mountain slope protection. Our solutions are tried, tested, and trusted, offering a robust defense against erosion and landslides.

End-to-End Services

Marmul Integrated provides a seamless journey from consultancy through design to construction. We tailor our services to the unique geological challenges of each project, ensuring effective and sustainable slope protection solutions.

Cutting-Edge Drone Technology

Our commitment to innovation extends to the use of high-tech drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technologies. This enables us to conduct precise aerial surveys, ensuring accurate data collection for optimal slope protection designs

Digital Design Expertise

We leverage sophisticated software for digital modeling and design. This allows us to create customized solutions based on comprehensive data, ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of our mountain slope protection systems.

Engineers on Solar Roof

Digital EYE

With cutting edge technology of sensors on our UAVs and AI enabled processing methods Marmul provides in depth , safest and comprehensive status report regardless of time accessibility and complexity . 

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